Source code for pypet.pypetexceptions

"""Module containing all exceptions"""

__author__ = 'Robert Meyer'

[docs]class ParameterLockedException(TypeError): """Exception raised if someone tries to modify a locked Parameter.""" pass
[docs]class VersionMismatchError(TypeError): """Exception raised if the current version of pypet does not match the version with which the trajectory was handled.""" pass
[docs]class PresettingError(RuntimeError): """Exception raised if parameter presetting failed. Probable cause might be a typo in the parameter name. """ pass
[docs]class NoSuchServiceError(TypeError): """Exception raised by the Storage Service if a specific operation is not supported, i.e. the message is not understood. """ pass
[docs]class NotUniqueNodeError(AttributeError): """Exception raised by the Natural Naming if a node can be found more than once.""" pass
[docs]class TooManyGroupsError(TypeError): """Exception raised by natural naming fast search if fast search cannot be applied. """ pass
[docs]class DataNotInStorageError(IOError): """Excpetion raise by Storage Service if data that is supposed to be loaded cannot be found on disk.""" pass
[docs]class GitDiffError(RuntimeError): """Exception raised if there are uncommited changes.""" pass